Placed in between many lush green mountains is the Grassland Resort.  Surrounded by nature, this resort is extremely luxurious with several modern amenities to suit each guest's requirements.  Moreover, the eco-friendly rooms and cottages create a majestic ambience of aesthetics. Enjoy two-fold advantage at this resort, with the luxury extravagance along with nature's beauty.  Treat yourself with our excellent cuisine, which has helped Grassland gain a worldwide compliment.

Kazirange offers picturesque wildlife parks and a serene envirment to the sheer delight of nature lovers.  It is pleasing to see the wildlife against the mighty Brahmaputra River and the hills of Mikir.   All this makes Kaziranga a complete jungle adventure.  Weather in Kaziranga is pleasant throughout the year.  Mild showers may be experienced throughout the year.  It is not only tha homeland of the Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros, but also provides shelter to a variety of wild animals and birds.  The beauty of hte regional flora and fauna can be enjoyed at its closest best.  It is precisely for this reason that many tourists fee drawn towards Kaziranga.

Weather Forcast

How to Reach

Nearest Airport

97 kms

Nearest Railway Station

75 Kms

Nearest by Road

ASTC from Guwahati
15 Kms

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Golden Star Continental Hotel & Spa,Gangtok